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Yo Yo


Yo Yo
Yo Yo: I got hit by a drunk driver last night. He grazed my hips. Don’t tell Kenny, Kenny don’t know. Otherwise if I told Kenny, he wouldn’t let me fly no more. Kenny is at camp...he’s not feeling good. No, he’s sick.

Barrett: So no fishing?

Yo Yo: He’s sick. I’m sorry.

Barrett: Wait, so are you okay?

Yo Yo: Yeah, I’m okay.

Barrett: Do you need to go to the doctor?

Yo Yo: No, I went last night to Breckenridge. I guess he wasn’t paying attention to me. I barely...I just got off...I was climbing over the other side of the railing and he went like that –motions with hands–, knocked me down on my knees, and he got out and he looked, and was like oh she looks okay. And then he took off like a bat out of hell. And he was just weaving like that, drunk. I didn’t get no license plates or nothing, no name, no nothing. I think maybe he was scared. Illegally here. That’s why he would run.
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