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Stuffed Dates


Some food, despite nice lighting and plating and expensive ingredients, can look rather questionable. This prosciutto-wrapped, stuffed dates look rather questionable. Kelley will probably flay/quarter/pare/mince me for writing this post, but I feel that I must recreate our kitchen conversation.

Kelley: Do you want to try a date?
Victoria: Oh heck no. No way.
There's no way that can be good.
It's actually really sweet. And I'm
stuffing it with mint and cheese.
-Begins to contemplate at the word sweet.-
Have you made these before?
Remember that birthday party I hosted?
For like 50 people during spring semester.
I served these and they were the
most popular appetizer by far.
They were gone soooo quickly.
I don't know Kelley....
They look questionable...

They look like little poops.
Bacon wrapped poops.
How could you say that?
No they don't...

Well maybe a little.
Okay so they probably won't photograph
all too well. But they taste delicious!
It's okay. I bet this lens can make
even little edible poops look good.

If anything, I hope you find that recreated conversation humorous, and that you give the stuffed poops dates a real try. Do not let my own food insecurities dissuade you. Plus, the pictures really do make them look nice, appetizing, and pop-able. As far as taste, the rumor is: sweet.

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