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My name is Sebastian, I am 26 and I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri.

Life took off for me when I was, when I was 15, I came out of the closet. And so that kind of started life for me. I kind of started living. I dropped out...I got my GED. The year after that I was in rehab when my dad killed himself. And that’s when life truly actually started...

And then um, actually the day I graduated, I had a really bad problem with men. This hot guy was walking past and was like is anyone stupid enough to join the military, and so I’m like “I’ll join” and so I did. Within six months I was shipped out, and I went to Iraq for the first time. And I came back over and nothing had changed...

I’ve been traveling now for about 3 and half years. And the more that I have seen of this US on foot, in car, or on bike, the more I see human...I see humanity.

I always go back to history, because history repeats itself. Someone is always doing something that has been done before, except for Miley Cyrus. But besides that...that’s why I love her, but besides that...not to be gross, but I’m really spiritual about religion, but God when he was walking this earth, people gave him crap. He was basically a hobo too.

There’s a sign that I fly like on the drag sometimes I’ll fly a sign that says Twerkin for Change because I love Miley Cyrus...hah and I will twerk for some change. I usually just hum and humming and sway my sign. I usually wear glasses actually because when you look at people it gives them more don’t want to put pressure on people... So if you run across somebody and have a negative stereotype about somebody, why don’t you ask them their name. Cause then they’re not an enemy anymore cause you actually know them.
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