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The other day, as Kelley attempted her classic chocolate sheet cake, her younger sister MG attempted a fudge cake. What started off as bake-off however, turned into quite the misadventure. Tensions started out high, but Kelley soon came to the aid of her sister. Competition was forgotten as ingredients crossed from one side of the kitchen to the other.

So what was the misadventure, you ask? MG may have found a glob of sugar and cocoa powder and unmixed ingredients in the bottom of her bowl after pouring the initial mixture into a pan. Oh dear. What to do? Why, she simply added the remaining mixture to the pan.

The result: even with a doubled bake time, the center of the cake remained molten and gooey (...which is not entirely a bad thing). But as MG had to leave for soccer practice, her cake remained un-iced and unfinished. She therefore had to forfeit the competition. But as a consolation, MG did win the category for best cake batter---oh, fudgy goodness!

Oh the woes of baking--where precision matters, and the difference between baking powder and baking soda must be noted most diligently (spoken from experience).
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