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IMG_9120 Dodger

Dodger, “50-ish basic old hippie”
D: I’m older than dirt. I’m out here because I have a immigration thing. I got a...back before you were even born, I got a felony. And, right after 9/11, they changed the law. Any felony grandfathered to them just screws you up. If you have a felony, its automatic deportation.

V: So you’re not a citizen?

D: I’m from Germany. Well I came here when I was a child. And my...this is the whole thing that screws...screws the pooch, basically. Cause from my understanding, my mother became naturalized while I was a minor, that it automatically carried over to the minor children. Which apparently it my brother and sister, but somehow they skipped me. And after 9/11 happened, I can’t remember the gentleman’s name...the guy who took over homeland security, well he got balls to the walls on that shit.

I got arrested one time at a party man, for basically a PI charge, fighting and shit with my girlfriend...well not fighting, arguing and someone was Williamson County of course, which is really bad. So they came out and they ran my ID, and I had...out of the blue, I had an immigration detainer. So they arrested me. But they didn’t arrest me. They detained me. Which is different. Cause you don’t get no phone calls, you don’t have no rights when you’re detained. And they can hold you for six months before you even have a hearing...

They don’t have any record that I even immigrated to this country. That’s telling me that I’m not even here. I have a social security number...I have all that...

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