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Dustin, 32
So I grew up in space. And got dropped down. I fell on something very soft. I’m not sure if it was a person, an animal, maybe like a caribou, or And dad, eventually, right away, got me a drum set. He said, “you need a drum set.” Right on. Right on. Right on.

Dad got me a drum set and I didn’t want to play.

- opens a beer -

Dad got drums. Didn’t like them. Then learned that I loved them with a passion of, you know, you know, you find out they’re just extremely cool. What’s fucking cooler than laying down a - drum beat -

What’s cooler than that?

Yeah I was just laying down some grooves, and it kinda got me into the guitar. And since then, I’m talking about 12 years old, I was about 12 years old, and since then, I’ve just been trying to keep that beat. You know, with my daily chores of life.

I think it was my laziness that led me to here. And then, and like yeah, my alcoholism was a dead give away. And um, my love of people. And that’s straight up on the real. My love of people.
I gotta get out of the way of the day
I know when to go and I know when to stay
I go to the shows where the music is sound
The things that I find
And the thoughts that I found

Laugh at your job
Laugh when you drive
Laugh when your here
Smile your alive
You like that vibe
Life is a groove

Don’t like where your at
Fuck, get up and move

Song lyrics by Dustin

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