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Ray Ray & Joyce


I met Ray Ray, Joyce, and their dog, Buddy, during the fall of 2013. A few weeks later, they announced their engagement and I took their “engagement photo.” During the spring I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding.
Ray Ray: Counting down brother. Three more weeks.

Barrett: Till the wedding?

Ray Ray: Yeah, three weeks from today. Yeah I got a lot of friends that’re gonna be there too. Its gonna be a lot bigger than we anticipated...

What we got left in the bank, we have to go buy our silver [crucifix] chains with. And I’m having a problem finding any of them in the pawn shops. Walmart don’t have ‘em

We don’t need nothing fancy. Just a pair of jeans and a nice shirt. Mama wants like a little sundress.

Barrett: We can cut all of this [beard] off and get a bowtie right there.

Ray Ray: Mama...mama...mama’s already talked me into trimming this up and cutting my hair. But I told her, I said, “you know that right after the wedding, shit’s growing right back out.”

Barrett: Will Buddy recognize you?

Ray Ray: Probably not. He’ll probably attack me. -makes dog barking noises-

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