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They caught me over at Barton...smoking a joint.

They took away my weeeeed.

They didn’t charge me with that...not there anyways...I think they might. They didn’t listen to me when I said I have a disability. So that’s stupid. And then he tried to say, “oh you can’t smoke here. It’s tobacco.” Pot would have to be legal first before they could make a law that you couldn’t smoke here. They would have to. They would first have to make it legal before...

In other words, it’s for tobacco, not for weed or anything else. So I’m going to fight it and dismiss it. But it gives me an opportunity to take them to federal court. And so I’ll have federal protection after that. Which is to say I can smoke it or I can possess it. Cause I’m on a federal Medicaid since I’m disabled now. I’m on a federal program....and the federal program has marijuana.

And I also qualify for a pain management program. But all they give you is heroin and heroin derivatives. But I don’t want to do that. Those are the only two options right now. Except marijuana is illegal here in Texas. Medical use for the state, but you go around the state to the federal government and its legal for those. It’s bull.

Well I did have one favorite quote that I was going to make into a T-shirt. Cause its part of that marijuana movement for legalizing medical marijuana. This is my most famous one. When I was flying a sign...I don’t fly...I haven’t been flying since October, but I do want to make this into a...want to make this into a T-shirt.
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