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“We’re going to baptize you today.” And I said cool, let’s get er done. And so he baptized me and ever since then, its been bam. Bam. Bam. Me and the good Lord, you know? I love it, I love it. I’ve got a personal relationship with him. And I love having that relationship. And now I’m doing his job. I talk to people while I’m out here doing my thing. Make a little money. Hey, I’m good, I’m good. It pays my bills.

Yeah I’m a vet, I fought two wars for this country, you know.

And then...this guy looked at me one day, and was like, “you a vet?”

It says “vet,” I guess I am.

And he said, “No really, are ya?”

I said, “Yeah, I fought two wars. Vietnam. Desert Storm.”

He said “Really?”

I said, “Yeah, I got more metal in me than that here car has got.”

He looked at me kind of funny and I said, “What?”

I said, “I’m the million dollar man minus 100,000.” I said, “Does that make sense?”
He said, “Yeah, you walk kind of funny.”

And I said,
“Yeah I walk funny, you stand out here and freeze like I do every morning.
And...and...and...I’ve got a stainless steel kneecap, a rod in that leg, a pin in my shoulder, a rod in my back and a plate in my head. I said, I hurt. But I live with it everyday.

If you hurt, you take something for it. I hurt, I have to deal with it because there’s nothing that can take the pain away. Except the man upstairs.

He looks at me kind of funny, he smiles and he says, “You believe in him?”

I said, “Yeah, I believe in him, I love him.” I said, “I know he is there. He is caring, understanding...the best friend I got.”

He said, “That’s awesome.”

I said, “What about you?”

He said, “Not yet, but I’m working on it.”

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