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Too Tall

Too Tall
Height: 6’5”
His friend Johnny said, “He goes to sleep on me a lot, but when he wakes up, he always says something funny.”

Additional note:

For the most part, I have posted strictly the photos and conversations and quotes that I used in my thesis. But there is more to be said for each of the men and women I met along the way. More to be said for Too Tall.

I love this photo. I still do not know where the misty eyes came from. Did he just wake up? Did he yawn? It was pretty early in the morning, and we were baring tacos and orange juice. But then, I also remember the gratitude expressed by Too Tall and his friends. We sat with them for well over an hour and received multiple thanks. But more importantly were the words not said. Or the unstated "thank yous."

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