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Double Stamp Mondays

Four minutes till midnight and I'm having a hard time remembering what happened today. I vaguely recall sleeping in, lunch adventure with Michelle at Ruggles, an epic drive about town searching for an open cupcake shop, work canceled, chilling with Momma Hecht, double stamp Monday at Swirll, and bowling with a rather motley crew.

Let it be stated now, I have a legitimate fear of trying new foods. So ordering the Grilled Chicken Salad at Ruggles in the Village was most def out of my comfort zone. I NEVER eat salads. But surprisingly, I love it-- apple slices, grilled chicken, pecans//walnuts, honey dignon dressing. Plus some cheese that "tastes like how crayons smell."


Michelle's ham & cheese panini sandwich, with sweet potato fries



SPRINKLES' cinnamon sugar cupcake


SPRINKLES' milk chocolate vanilla cupcake


i made michelle drive hannah & i around montrose until we found one of these signs.

Overall, today was a mini food tour of H-town in a way. Bowling tonight was interesting, double stamp monday at Swirll was honestly probably the highlight of my day (and no, that's not pathetic). Things to still do: find an outfit for Gaga, college stuff, see the corpse flower, jam out to david guetta, skype with andre.
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