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Uneventful Saturday

So today was pretty average and boring. . . work, watched The Runaways, dinner at Piattos, then a playdate with Michelle--Starbucks and swinging at the park.



If you ever go to Piattos, order this. Battered asparagus topped with delicious, decadent crab meat. I hate asparagus but I could easily eat this for breakfast.

Missing: A picture of my main course-- tenderloin medallions topped with mushrooms and served with a side of potatoes (and spinach but that was passed to the mom). When it finally came out, I was too excited to remember my camera.


Tall vanilla steamer at 140 degrees, the beverage of champions.

DSC_0911 DSC_0900 DSC_0914

Scary thing was when the lights at the park suddenly shut down causing us to run screaming toward the car. Overall, pretty yawn inducing day. Though, for Kathryn, today was the day of her birth eighteen years ago. Feliz cumpleanos loveboat/muffinhead.
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