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H-Town Foodie

Often times I ask myself, what is there to do in Houston? Eat, shop, visit museums, drive, eat, eat, and eat. Honestly I find myself in restaurants so so sooo often and as I reflected over today's events and looked at the pictures I took, I realized that all I have to talk about is food. Pitiful? Possibly.

But I have to argue, Goode Company Barbecue
is the exact opposite of pitiful. More like glorious.


I managed to find time to pick up my Gaga dress, buy tights to improve the outfit, score some denim shorts from Lucky, hang out with my girl Michelle, eat Goode Company Seafood, watch the marvelous Zombieland movie, and steal pictures from Kathryn.

DSC_0756 DSC_0757

Photographer: Kathryn.
At least tomorrow I can promise an adventure.
Gotta love Flatonia.
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