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Sad news--reached the capacity of my flickr photo account.

Upload to Flickr

You've used 99% of your 100 MB photo limit and 0 of your 2 video limit this month. Upgrade?

Upgrade? I wish. I'm a poor college student now and both mother & father don't exactly promote blogging. So what was my last photo uploaded? Yes I can share.


Have I ever mentioned to you that I love dinosaurs?

Anyways, in all honesty, pretty dull day. Work. Shopping. Purchased Minnetonka moccasins. Ate a yummy pretzel. Dinner. Project Runway.

Lordyyy, I feel so bad for giving you nothing. Why don't you go check out the following artists, sit back and enjoy these last few lingering weeks of summer: Blizten Trapper's Destroyer of the Void , David Guetta's One Love, Knaan's Troubadour, and Stromae, DJ DoYou, & Coeur de Pirate. Music from a girl with 14000 songs. Your welcome :)
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