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I'm Part of The Brat Pack

So apparently. . . I have fans.


I don't know what to make of them yet. But honestly, yes they all did admit to looking at my blog. What lovable boys!

Okay so I am exhausted. Today was day 2 of the lifeguard competition. Basically, it has been concluded that the judges despise us because we kept ranking fifteenth, eighteenth, or sixteenth in most of our events, and kept earning lovely disqualifications. Waking up at 5:30 this morning also sucked the joy out of Splashtown. But, highlight of my day: i was INITIATED into the Brat Pack after braving the terrifying Tornado ride. To give you an idea---
As you ride the ultimate storm, begins on a platform set 75 feet in the air where daring riders are set in motion down a 132 foot long tunnel and thrown into the giant open-ended funnel splashing back and forth on 5,000 gallons of swirling water. Height requirement 48 inches.

Check plus! The BRAT PACK now consists of Katy & Annie & Michelle & I. I'm part of the brat pack. Say that three times fast. . .Later on today, there was a reunion party and dinner at Central Market with some pretty cool kids named James Dean & Sam Harker and the Brat Pack (it's becoming more like a cult).




suchhh a creeper, a little too much tongue action. but this is exhibit A of how intense people get at lifeguard competitions.


honey mustard, grilled chicken, cheese <<< all toasted. heavenlyyy candyy

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