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Hahah love it? Basically, it dawned on me today that I haven't done this in awhile. Like several years. I used to build tents (better than this one) at my grandma's house all the time and then watch Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs were pretty much essential.

So today I went shopping with my mom for dorm stuff. We lugged around my huge anthropologie quilt and pillow from Honduras in an attempt to find matching sheets, pillows, etc. We were pretty successful. . .I even got a super great military-esque vest and cute top


i wore a great vintage vest from my mom's closet today, love the lace. sadly, the dye from my new bag got all over it. white to aqua . . .whoops


this bedding = my obsession.


finding pillows like this in honduras was pretty impossible but the micah boys helped me track one down


helloooo michael jackson jackettt/vest

Things aren't overly exciting at the moment. . .
ALTHOUGH p.s. you can now leave comments. if you're out there. and reading. and love me.
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