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Texas Treasures

So you live in Texas. That means you probably own a pair of cowboy boots, or maybe several pairs. If you live in Houston, perhaps you've heard of a small treasure in Montrose called Texas Junk. A store run by Bob Novotney, an old western hippie, that brings more truth to the saying-
one man's junk is another man's treasure

Cliche. I know. But with over a thousand pairs of boots and other oddities--whozits, whatzits, thingamabobs--you cannot argue that this store is not a rare place. And what you find inside might just be a hidden pearl.

Right! So visited Texas Junk today with the parents after work and I brought the camera. Perfff! My mom ended up trading in her old boots for a super great pair of Luchese black & burgundy boots that are supposedly handmade. I also found a GLORIOUS leather vest with fringe, but left emptyhanded. This summer, I've already purchased like two vests, therefore owning now four. I'm slightly obsessed so I may return tomorrow for the leather one. Then in the afternoon, went to the Container Store to buy college stuffff and now it's movie night with the Mama. Pride & Prejudice (classic Keira) and The Runaways, recommended by Kathryn.

((So here are some pics from Texas Junk. I created a second flickr account))
DSC_0830 DSC_0831
DSC_0832 DSC_0858

Before you venture here, keep in mind it is only open Friday & Saturday, eleven to six pm. Texas Junk. 215 Welch St. Houston, TX 77006

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