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Chillin' With The Brat Pack

Last night after lifeguard competition practice, Brat Pack member Michelle & I went to House of Pies for our first time! Um, and so I kinda cheated and got turtle cheesecake. Not exactly pie, but super delicious and an absolute calorie bomb.


Today was day one of the lifeguard competition; backboard a spinal injury, test, scanning, and first aid room. It was pretty stressful, espesh dealing with a boy's detached finger. SICK. Here's a rundown:
1. Survey the scene.
2. Put on gloves.
3. Activate the EAP (Emergency Action Plan).
4. Call EMS.
5. Obtain consent.
6. Take (fake) severed finger, put it in a bag, then put that bag in another bag with ice.
7. Apply gauze and pressure to the finger/stub of the young boy.
8. Monitor the child's health until EMS arrives.

It was just a busy day, but luckily I hung out with the lovely Brat Pack all day--Katy, Annie, Michelle-- and we ate at Black Walnut Cafe and rode topless ;) Also went to American Apparel tonight with the mom & brother in search for a Gaga outfit for her concert. Interesting to say the least. I got a cute top, but not risque enough so I will eventually hit up some thrift shops.

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