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Texas Fog


Do you know about San Francisco fog? The weather is lovely, the evenings are cool, but this whole fog thing is relatively new. Each morning, my mother and I remarked on the nature of the sky; "Looks like rain." But it burns off over certain parts of the peninsula, and the sun peeks through as well as bits of bright blue sky. Oh, the weather is quite odd.

But then again, I guess sometimes Texas weather can get pretty peculiar. Remember that Christmas in the 80s? Glorious. A week ago or so, there was also a string of foggy mornings out in the Texas countryside. I was awestruck. Fog, fog, fog. Especially over a rolling Texas hill country landscape, with dewy fields of grass, and misty-eyed cows.

My affinity for fog began last summer during a drive from Prague to Vienna. In the early dawn hours, the white, dense mist seemed to creep out from the towering forest wall. It was foreboding, but also romantic. Another favorite aspect of fog: my inability to capture the mood of fog in a photograph. But here's to San Francisco weather, and future daily practice.

Photos taken while driving along Texas State Highway 95 from Flatonia to Smithville.

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