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Dinner Date: Tiny Boxwood's + The Chocolate Bar

In the endless game of "catch-up," I want to tell you about a little food date from two weeks ago. My friend Jennifer and I went to Houston's popular Tiny Boxwood's for dinner, followed by second dessert at The Chocolate Bar.

I ate at Tiny Boxwood's once before for lunch and just about died over the grilled cheese and pesto sandwich, the chocolate chip cookie, and homemade lemonade. A whole year later, and I still fondly remember this meal.

In addition, this is the typically the first restaurant recommendation to come out of the mouth of any young Anthropologie-loving girl from Houston. "Make sure you order the chocolate chip cookie, too! It's ahhhh-mazing!"

With Jennifer, we arrived at Tiny Boxwood's for an early dinner. We ordered glasses of wine, the refreshing white wine mojito, and the buffalo mozzarella pizza to split. We concluded the meal with, of course, the classic melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie.

The Tiny Boxwood's dinner vibe widely differs from the lunchtime vibe. The atmosphere is more formal, you order from your table instead of the cafe counter, and the lights are dimmed. It is a finer dining experience and serves as an excellent spot for a dinner-date. So really, check out Tiny Boxwood's for lunch and dinner. During the day time, meander over to nearby garden + landscaping business for extra greenery to accompany your lunch. And at night, score a table outside, and enjoy the white wine sangria. With each meal, be sure to conclude with the chocolate chip cookie too! Because it's ahhh-mazing!

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I don't think Jennifer expected me to go for the chocolate chip cookie. But honestly, how could I resist. Still, we stuck to the original plan and went out for second dessert after dinner and went to Houston's The Chocolate Bar.

....where we ordered Mega Dessert, also known as Any Day's a Holiday Cake. (I could have sworn it was called Tuxedo Cake, but the internet does not lie). The cake retails for $75, or $10 a slice. There are alternating layers of chocolate and yellow cake, all held together with rich chocolate icing. I had about three bites before admitting defeat. Oh yes, the cake prevailed. Jennifer faired much better, but we still had a sizable portion to take home. Second dessert can be a formidable opponent.

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