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Flatonia is kind of my "creative haven" town. When my family ventures north on I-10 for the weekend, everyone has tasks and chores on the ranch property. My dad will run the tractor, and create burn piles, and repair fences, and herd the cattle, and start and finish project after project. My mother will clean the house, and visit with her donkey Mia, and start projects...that my dad will finish, and revisit her donkey Mia.

In the early days of city-family-buys-a-ranch, I would help pull prickly vines out from trees, and climb said trees, and attempt to help my dad with his projects. But after a few scars on my arms and legs, my mother revoked all work privileges. Now, I am the official ranch photographer.

My role and responsibilities also extend into the town of Flatonia.
I wrote on the saddlery shop, and below are some shots from the Tower 3 Bakery & Cafe.

IMG_4335 IMG_4354 IMG_4357 IMG_4363 IMG_4361

Tower 3 Bakery & Cafe
114 East South Main Street
Flatonia, TX 78941

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