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Plan for Field Notes

Since finishing up my thesis project, finally...once and for all, I have started several smaller projects.
  1. Find a job with my highly employable Liberal Arts degree
  2. Create a food blog with Kelley to pass the idle time in Houston
  3. Attempt to pick up film photography via the Holga + "estate sale find" Kodak
  4. Read, read, read through list titled, "Books to Read"
  5. Learn to cook for parents, Larry & Sherry
  6. Unpack from the great move from the childhood home, and the move back from Austin
  7. Update the following: portfolio, linked in, this personal blog...
Alas, there have been several developments in regards to these smaller projects and larger goals.


   I got a job!
   and I am moving to California!

   I did in fact create the food blog with Kelley!
   I also attempted to cook on my own...

   I read over 20 books this summer!
   But most importantly...

   I have a job on the West Coast!

Thus, in celebration of a truly new chapter and with my Houston limbo-period drawing to a close, I present the modified Haaston. As of July 13th, this blog hit the four year mark. Against common blog-odds, this baby made it throughout my undergraduate years. I figured its now time to switch things up to reflect newer inspirations and new new new everything.

I'm drawing inspiration from my dear friend Jessica Yong: a fellow UT grad, future stellar-star interior designer, Dear Jessica: I want to steal your Instagram. Jessica draws on the concept of field notes: little lines and patterns and beauties and oddities that she sees daily in the world.

My fellow Texan-gone-Cali, Grace, offered an similar idea: "what Victoria saw" or something like that. Oftentimes, the daily photographs do not get published anywhere because I cannot think up a series or full blog-post and commentary to accompany them. But, let's celebrate the singular images.

Lastly, I am just obsessed with Alice Gao. Really, I want to steal her everything. The New York based photographer has perfected lifestyle photography and blogging. I embarrassingly check her blog several times daily.

In sum, I'm starting a new adventure. I hope you'll follow along.
Also, please come visit me in California after August. :)
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