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Flatonia Saddle Shop

On Friday evenings, a group of locals, retirees, out-of-towners, city-folk-gone-country, farmers and teachers, friends and artists all gather outside the Flatonia saddle shop. It's just past five and they contribute bottles of wine, others bring packs of beer. Then some farm fresh eggs, homemade brownies, a ripe, pregnant watermelon, and a fly-fooling contraption join the table.

They are a motley crew, and I joined them back on the Fourth of July for motley conversation: farfetched dreams, political banter, tips on cow maintenance and hay growing and hay rolling and hay this...hay that. Just outside the saddle shop, that's where its happening on a Friday night in Flatonia.

The following day, I made my way back to the shop. The Hairgrove Saddlery is located just west of the historic Olle Hotel in Flatonia, Texas. Owners Cathy & Jeff Hairgrove manually restored the barn and today, it serves as a saddlery, a shop of trinkets and goods, and a home. I was as fascinated by the little odds and ends as the leather-working station. So on your next good Friday, just mosey on up Interstate 10 (I-10) and exit Flatonia. Swing through Dairy Queen for a dipped cone, and visit my friends Cathy & Jeff.

IMG_4419 IMG_4406 saddle

Hairgrove Saddlery & Gifts
117 E 6th St
Flatonia, TX 78941

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