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Karlovy lázně is a five story club in Prague, and the largest club in Central Europe. Each floor plays a different genre of music, from rap to top radio hits to electronic dance music, and the first floor features a large ice bar. For 150 crowns, tourists can experience all five levels and gain a chance to meet strangers from all corners of the globe.

With the recent flood however, the club may not be "jumpin' jumpin'" for quite some time. Situated near the Charles Bridge and adjacent to the Vltava River, Karlovy lázně joined many of Prague's popular tourist destinations that became susceptible to flooding and resulting water damage. As I explored the damage caused by the influx of water, I noticed several large mirrors just outside of the club. Leaned against the wall, the mirrors were discarded because of large cracks and breaks across the glass pane, though it is uncertain whether the mirrors were taken from the interior of the club itself.

Despite a second day of sunlight and the near disappearance of cloud coverage, Prague is still recovering from the weekend's flood. Transportation systems are still crowded due to closed tram and metro stops, police barricades still line the river, the Charles bridge is only accessible with press passes (hook us up, Dennis), and now the Prague nightlife will also slightly suffer.
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