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Love Abroad


A thousand words. A dark, grey sky. Clouds hanging over the city. Racing to the King's Parade. Climbing up the large hill with the Prague Castle constantly in sight. A looming Castle. Impending rain and thunder. People race up the hill as well. Stop to catch your breath. Stop to take a photo. But not allowed to stop for a gingerbread man. Thanks Caitlin.

Arrive at the castle. But first, you witness a moment. The tourists are here. The tourists pose for a photo. They pose in front of the city. She wears a wedding dress. He wears a tuxedo. She wears white sneakers. A second photographer scales the walls. There is a contrast of colors. Red and lime green against a black sky. This is a moment.

Everyone watches the young tourists. The young couple. They must be in love. The photo will feature black clouds. The photographer captures an orange and white city. He also captures the couple wearing the dress and suit. Smiles spread across their faces. They are full of joy. They radiate joy. This is a moment. The camera will capture the moment forever. They will remember it forever. They will have a photo of Prague with clouds and the city. The photo will remind them of rain. Of love. Of a trip to Prague. Of clouds before the King's Parade. Of a trip together. Of a moment before their wedding. Or of a moment after their wedding.

This photo is worth a thousand words. It's worth over a thousand tiny moments in the couple's relationship leading up to this marriage and this promise of a future together. It's worth a thousand future moments. A thousand more "I love you's" and a thousand more trips abroad. It's worth a thousand words, but here's three hundred and three words.
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