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Cool Nights


Heat waves have officially hit Europe, especially the Czech Republic. The temperatures here are rivaling both Houston and Austin temperatures, and droplets of sweat are forming across my forehead as I hurriedly type this blog post from my air conditioner-less apartment here in Prague. I assumed, being from Houston, a notoriously humid, sweltering city, and also my several years as a lifeguard, that I would be accustomed to such heat. But I think the past several weeks of grayness and floods and frigid temperatures have unprepared me for this heat.

That is why night time becomes the most welcome hours of the day here in Prague. The temperature drops, walking around Prague becomes pleasant yet again, and the expressions that play on the faces of passerby grow more relieved and rejuvenated. I suppose that is why there are also more inhabitants in Town Square in the evening, more tourists choosing to frequent cafes with outdoor seating as the sun sets, and even city workers choosing to make repairs later in the day.

Yesterday evening, we walked about the city for several hours following a tour of Prague's art nouveau, cubist and modern architecture. As we returned home to blog before hitting up a jazz club later in the evening, I witnessed the men above make repairs to several of the city's tram tracks. The flame torch/welding torch threw beautiful sparks into the air that mirrored the oranges and reds of the setting sun over Wenceslas square. Waiting for the 24 or 14 tram to take us all home, everyone at the stop stepped a bit closer to the tracks in order to watch this light play against the evening darkness. Yes, night has become favorable here in Prague. Though, a mere week ago, I was begging for this heat. Prague, you never cease to surprise us.
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