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Danger Zone


Should you happen to follow international news, specifically news of Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, and if you are my parents, then current events within the Czech Republic, you would be aware of the immense amount of rainfall that has occurred here in Prague over the past forty-eight hours. True, since I have arrived, the city has been grey and rainy. There has probably only been three hours of sunlight during my duration here. But Sunday, the rain grew to be more than a light drizzle. The weather sparked the following warnings sent via e-mail:
"As you know, it has been raining quite a bit. Parts of the city are flooding, but where you live should be ok. If you happen to hear an air-raid alarm, please call me immediately. Many of the metros are closed. Please stay away from the river. Stay in and watch movies!" - Kim, Sunday, June 2nd at 7:08 PM

"Stay at home tonight or at least around your area, and don't go down near the river." - Dennis, Sunday, June 2nd at 9:46 PM

Flooding! Storms! Water! Caitlin and I grew excited. We both admitted our mutual, impractical love for hurricanes and tornadoes, and then we both knew we would be going out to chase the storm. Sorry Dennis, sorry Kim. We needed photos for the blog and we needed to fully embrace Czech current events. Trekking throughout the city to catch glimpses of rising water would be the second best thing to the canceled Gypsy Parade.

Well the venture was ultimately bust. We trammed to Namesti Republiky and hoped to reach Florenc, a low level section of Prague susceptible to flooding. So we hopped on the metro and then watched as we slowly eased by the Florenc stop, then Krízíkova, Invalidovna, and Palmovka. And then we were lost in Eastern Prague (see photo above). Two hours later, and several re-routed trams, we navigated our way back to the apartments at Praha 7.

Monday morning, to further reiterate the severity of the flood situation, and to reinforce our horrible venture from Sunday night, we received e-mails featuring the following quotes:
"The trams are not working in your 'hood, so class is cancelled. Please stay in and don't venture near the river...." - Kim, Monday, June 3rd at 9:19 AM

"Go out and embrace the bad weather and turn it around and make it work for you. One last note that I want to stress. Please do not go into the downtown area or anywhere near the river or fast flowing water. Use your head and be safe. We are not an emergency situation unless you want to be part of the emergency." - Dennis, Monday, June 3rd at 12:18 PM

Caitlin and I decided to embrace the bad weather yet again--despite wet socks and soaking boots from the night before, a map frayed from water damage, and general sleep depravity. This time we would not take chance with the trams or metro system. We set off on foot and braved the elements until we arrived at the bridge. Rushing water! Definitely a sight to behold.

We were not alone; many curious tourists and locals lined the bridge to similarly snap photographs. By evening, as we stepped out after dinner, we noticed that the rainfall had stopped. Inspired by dry clothes and shedding our rain jackets, we joined crowds in Old Town square, danced with street performers, and joined a throng of people to watch the clock strike seven.

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