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Earlier this week, I was walking along the street where the 14 and 24 tram lines like to pass by. I am just walking around and I am taking photos when I notice something peculiar. Several other passerby begin to notice too. Slowly, but surely, we all come to gather around a business man and glance down at his shoe.

Shoes can be funny and different. His shoes were normal though, let us be certain, but on top of his shoe, there was a tiny baby bird. The bird was lost, without a home, lost on the sidewalk, alone next to a construction sight.

Czechs have this reputation of being rude and inhospitable. Of staring and disliking tourists. But here this business man stopped, as he commuted back to work from lunch, in order to stop a tiny bird from wandering into the street, before the 14 or 24. He paused.

I did not want to linger too long, but I decided that the conception about Czech was a misconception. They are not rude, they are not inhospitable. Yes they enjoy staring, but maybe they are actually looking. They choose to really see things. The Czechs are reserved and they are quiet. They do not despise the tourists, but they do not feel the need to overly accomodate, especially given the duration of one's visit.

I don't know about you, but I like the Czechs and I am excited to be further surprised by them.
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