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With the rising summer temperatures here in Prague, trips to the Praha Zoo, Old Town Square, and Wenceslas can become insufferably hot. The night time offers a wonderful respite from the heat waves, and no destination seems to be more popular than the Beer Garden located in Letna Park.

Just last night, several of us ventured to the rich green space of Letna Park, just a mere five minutes walk from our apartments, to join the Darling family for a round of drinks and a dramatic view of Prague's night lights. Arriving a little late, I found every table occupied with various groups of friends all gathered to share plastic cups of beer and conversation.

Within the beer garden, there were also several other sights and scents to behold. A young girl, with her playmates, created a pyramid of used beer cups beneath a white pavilion. Her parents looked on as she constructed the tower higher and higher, and when she learned that I spoke English, she promised an even greater pyramid, rivaling those of Giza.

At our own table, a small speckled puppy made constant runs between our legs and then back to his owner. Meanwhile, Miriam enjoyed a kebab...or was it a wrap...or was it...some fried pastry filled with chunks of pork, that smelled delicious. Several aisles away, for live entertainment, a group of Asian men began to yell and shove and argue and fight and push one another. We dubbed their conversations with our own English phrases, "I am going to call my people..."

The beer is cold and it is cheap, for less than 40 crowns. The company can be really grand. The atmosphere is top. One can watch the sun set over the Prague Castle just around 9 PM, and then witness street lamps and tram lights reflect off of the Vltava River. Really, the Letna Beer Garden offers a wonderfully free, and cool night time view of the city of Prague that cannot be missed.

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