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It has been a week since my last post. I'm a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad person. In my defense, I have been meeting lots of people and making new friends, communicating largely in spanish, trying new foods (papaya!), and adventuring in and about Antigua, Guatemala. This weekend was no exception and I plan on dividing all the photos into several posts. So here is the first one...

Also because I'm lazy, and tired, and have much to do, and work in the morning, I am going to keep the text minimal and copy & paste largely from my emails with Mark Stenberg.

Mark asked about the weather...

Speaking of sun, the light came in through my window this morning, waking me, and signifying an absolutely gorgeous day! Since it is the rainy season, it rains everyday but today, it chose to shower during my lunch so therefore, the weather did not interfere with my adventures. Temperature-wise, I would relate it to a Colorado summer. And can get pretty hot (tank tops) and pretty cool (jacket) and then of course rainy (rain jacket). BUT ALWAYS CHACO WEATHER :)

Mark also asked for a tshirt, saying that....
No joke, if you get me some sort of colorful, funny looking handmade shirt and will literally do anything for you.
I would never be able to make it up to you if you got me something like that, but I will appreciate ANYTHING that you bring back.
Well Marco, i will keep my eyes open for a shirt for you. in return, you'll be my personal slave. and when i get sick of you, you will have to fly down to tikal and sacrifice yourself to the mayans. :) don't worry, you can have one of those noble sacrifices where the shaman drugs you up and then pulls out your that it still beats for like 13 minutes. you have you purify yourself first though duh. duh duh.

Obviously, I think I'm pretty clever. Though you probably think that this is all nonsense. :)

...speaking of mayans, i went to a church todaySaturday. several actually. and now, well...the churches aren't related to mayans, i really just wanted to change the subject. SO these churches are AMAZING. you should see the ruins at some of them too. todaySaturday morning while visiting the main parque cathedral, felipe y yo got shanghai-ed by this old man into getting a 50Q tour. HA. and it was in spanish, but honestly very worth it. so i didn't mind. also the old man was cute.

And hopefully, after you judge the pictures below, you will agree. I am in love with the old brick arches, decorated domes and immense pillars. These ruins are behind Antigua's main cathedral located off of Central Parque.


"After the 1773 earthquake, part but not all of the main cathedral was rebuilt: the ruins can still be visited.

Behind the renovated part of Antigua's main cathedral, the skeleton of the larger structure that once stood there can still be seen. The ruin complex, only a half-block from the main square, includes semi-destroyed walls, some cellars, and the tomb of Pedro de Alvarado, founder of Antigua.

Pedro de Alvarado (1485-1541) was a Spanish conquistador who participated in the Conquest of the Aztecs in Central Mexico in 1519 and led the Conquest of the Maya in 1523. Referred to as "Tonatiuh" or "Sun God" by the Aztecs because of his blonde hair and white skin, Alvarado was violent, cruel and ruthless, even for a conquistador for whom such traits were practically a given. After the Conquest of Guatemala, he served as governor of the region, although he continued to campaign until his death in 1541."
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