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Hay mucho que hacer aqui en Guatemala!
Y porque de esto, yo estoy tarde con mi mensaje.
This morning around four a.m., Kari left for her home in North Dakota. Though I knew her for a short time, it seems that we "gringas" form unique bonds in a short amount of time down here. Kari, you will be missed A TON.
okay so AYER, I worked at Casa Jackson from 8:30 till about 12 or so. Because my initial tour was in spanish and I understood about half, here are the words of someone wiser...
Casa Jackson is a GOD'S CHILD Project emergency recovery center for malnourished infants and children under the age of 11 years.

An effort to begin a specialized home for malnourished infants was begun by GOD'S CHILD Project Executive Director Patrick Atkinson in 2007 in response to the growing number of near-death infants that were abandoned on the Project's doorstep.

Casa Jackson opened in October 2008 through a primary donation from Gene and Sue Jackson of Dickinson, ND. The Jacksons continue to provide 40% of the operating costs of Casa Jackson, which can house up to 20 severe to critical-care child patients at once. The Casa Jackson staff and volunteers need to raise the rest.
So at Casa Jackson yesterday, I pretty much held a baby for the first time, learned to change a diaper and began to converse in baby talk with the nineteen miniature humans. I am still fearful of them. After my shift ended, I took a tuktuk over to the Scheel Center (pictured above). There, I took pictures of the surrounding villages...La Victorias y Jocotenango...and I got an exclusive tour from mi amigo Reinhard (de Germany).

Upon leaving the Scheel Center to go play futbol, I rode on a motorcycle para la PRIMERA VEZ. Parents, are you cringing as you read this? Not to worry, I wasn't driving it. :) Totally safe. I'm in one piece.

We played three games of soccer and my middle school skills surprisingly came in handy. Dear Womens World Cup, I am available for recruitment. We won I think every game of 3 vs. 3 and I scored like ten goals, mas o menos. Then it was time to return home, shower, and go to La Chiminea to celebrate...
-Kari's last night
-Reinhard's new dual citizenship and honor as volunteer of the month!
-Ayaca's birthday
& other random things...
Today I took about 300 fotos and I will write all about that manana.
The above is a picture of the volcano Agua, or is it.....?
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