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So I don't know how to cook. Seven-o-clock rolled around today and my brother had the jeep, my mom had a headache, and so I was on my own. The extent of my culinary knowledge is a bowl of cereal, cheese quesadilas, popcorn, and microwave mac & cheese.

This is where things get even stranger. One of my favorite shows is Top Chef and I loooove watching the Food Network. Simultaneously though, I have a legitimate fear of trying new foods. That's Victoria's secret (pun). In Honduras, I tried pineapple and melon for the first time. Granted, pineapple was amazing and I kick myself for having missed out for so long. BUT. Melon. I bit down in the melon and my teeth sank into juicy fruit until. . .alas, the rhine. The melon immediately was spit out and I started crying and slightly shaking. Legitimate fear.

So facing the pantry & fridge--lack of tortillas and mac & cheese--I decided to try scrambled eggs. Cooking shows claim that eggs are the EASIEST thing to cook so how could I mess up?




The first supper. Why have I never attempted cooking before? Pure joy. My scrambled eggs tasted better than any before. Yes, I was somewhat starving, but I think sometimes the things you make with your own two hands are the greatest.

To accompany my eggs (besides the salsa & chips), here are some REALLLLLLY great music videos you should checkk out ;)

ps happy anniversary mom & pop!!
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