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Farewell Tour of Houston

So today was basically my last full day in Houston. I finished packing (somewhat), enjoyed a burger & listened to Milazzo's stories of Europe/San Fran over lunch, visited Kylie at work where she was fashionably sporting a hot new sunburn, and ran some errands with Hunter. When my dad asked me what I wanted for dinner, I realized this was kind of my final supper. My mind was absolutely blank. Which of my favorite restaurants would I miss most? I ended up picking a new restaurant-- Backstreet Cafe. The whole fam cleaned up a bit and we ventured over to River Oaks area for some super delicious food.

I ordered:
Pepper-crusted Tenderloin with maple-bourbon-chipotle sauce, rosemary-roasted potatoes & green beans

Hunter decided on:
Grilled Halibut over roasted saffron cauliflower & orange-lime relish (he cheated though and opted for mac & cheese instead of the cauliflower)

The mama got:
Seared Scallops on a nicely dressed arugula salad

And the dad ordered a great three course meal with $5 going to the Houston Food Bank.
Squash Blossom Flatbread with sundried Mexican zucchini, fresh ricotta cheese, tomatillo salsa
Wild Salmon with grilled corn relish and creamy green grits
Almond Pound Cake, citrus infused with hatch chili pepper marmalade and chantilly cream

So I know that's a lot of food description & perhaps I've been watching too much of Top Chef, but it was all very succulent. AND I was even brave enough to try both a scallop & the squash flatbread tonight. Very enjoyable. Proof of how good the food was:


Goodbye pound cake. Following dinner, I was in for a treat- "A Farewell Tour of Houston." Visited the infamous Beer Can House, much of the Heights, parent's first house, Memorial Park, and River Oaks. Okayy so not a complete tour, but an adventure nonetheless.

DSC_0522 DSC_0527



So tomorrow I am off to camp which will last for the next few days. This translates to no new posts for awhile. I also probably won't be writing during Recruitment/Rush since it is so intense in Austin & I wouldn't want to jeopardize anything. So goodbye Houston. Adios mis amigos! See you all at winter time.
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