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So it's true. I didn't blog yesterday. I just found myself all caught up in organizing stuff for college and expanding my itunes library by A LOT. Really, this whole week will be about packing for college, seeing friends for the last time, and saying my goodbyes to family, pals & this city.

Today I finally saw James Williams, aka a manatee who lives millions of seconds away in Kingwood. But today he ventured into my hood to shop with me! I love boys who shop. James did not disappoint. He bought outrageously great purple Oakleys. James has spunk. My brother also spunk for getting out of bed to shop with me today. Yes I did guilt him, "Hunter, I'm leaving in a week, come shopping with me," and yes it did work. In the end, he had an absolute BLAST, and I rewarded him with Z Pizza after a successful visit to Anthropologie.

In terms of pictures for this post, I traveled all the way to my backyard. The lizards all ran away from me, but the statues were excellent little models.

DSC_0518 DSC_0520
DSC_0526 DSC_0523

Also, I'll share some music. So I love finding mixtapes and mashups and album reviews on a blog called Pretty Much Amazing Some of the things I scored-- a great mixtape of Lil Wayne & the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, some Chiddy Bang mixtapes, and Lady Gaga The Remix. Also downloaded the new Queens of the Stone Age album, as well as Arcade Fire's The Suburbs, so gotta check those out. Also, Coeur de pirate is a lovely French singer with sweetest voice. The best pick though was def the Weezy mixtape. Get it for yourself too AQUI!!!
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