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Mongolian Stir Fry

So today was full of plans like girl's night & a dinner at Niko Nikos, but instead I was plagued with an eye infection right after lunch. j.o.y. Lunch however might be exciting enough to make this post work though.

Genghis Grill.
So I first went to this Mongolian stir fry with Meryl back last fall and absolutely fell in love. From then forward, I have recommended this adventurous restaurant to ALLLL of my friends. Even my family is obsessed. So the next time you're on I-10 near the Memorial area and have a huuge craving for a culinary adventure, stop by. (9766 Katy Fwy. Houston, TX 77055)

DSC_0870 DSC_0872
Genghis grill exterior, step one: select your raw meats
DSC_0873 DSC_0874
step two: choose a seasoning, step three: add some veggies!
DSC_0875 DSC_0877
step four: find your favorite sauce (dragon sauce is the best btw), step five: select a carb and watch your food stir fry
step six: consume. gourge. eat. stuff. savor. enjoy.
Mine included cajun flavored chicken, broccoli, mushrooms, mini corn, brown rice & dragon sauce.

The rest of the day, I suffered a lovely eye infection while shopping for some last minute college necessities like new Kenneth Cole wedges and J.Crew tissue tees. Honestly I cannot wait. Of course this is to be assumed and for all other graduating seniors, I'm sure it's not an uncommon feeling. But guess what. . .NINE MORE DAYS!
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