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So it's been wayyy too long. Rush is finally over, college classes have finally started, and everything has changed. So where to begin on the update?

First went to Camp Texas for three days which was like your typical summer camp, kinda learned about some UT traditions, and actually know the words of the UT Fight Song now. The eyes of Texas are upon you. . .

Then Rush. Basically one of the craziest weeks ever. Emotional. Stressful. Burninggg. Sweaty. Glorious. Draining. So many different feelings, up & downs, cuts & bids. Basic rundown of how rush goes. . .

Day 1:
Attire- khaki shorts, purple rush shirt, and super cute tennys.
Mission- Visit all thirteen sorority houses, attempt to make a great first impression, "enjoy" small talk with hundreds of girls, fail to remember names.
Conclusion- Select 10 of the 13 houses to visit the following two days.

Attire- pretty sundress (church appro.)
Mission- Visit ten sorority houses, learn about each sorority's philanthropy (AKA the the organization they support/service work), attempt to make a great second impression, "enjoy" small talk with hundreds of different girls, fail to remember even more names.
Conclusion- Select 6 of the 10 houses to visit the following day.

Attire- cocktail dress.
Mission- Visit six sorority houses, watch super cute skits that feature avatars & jersey shore characters & spice girl songs, attempt to make a great third impression (see the trend?), give up on trying to remember names & start saying random things during conversations.
Conclusion- Select 3 of the 6 houses to visit on the final day.

Attire- black dress.
Mission- Visit three sorority houses, learn about the rituals and the sisterly bonding of each sorority, attempt not to cry as you listen to testimonies and picture yourself living in this or that house.
Conclusion- Select 1 of the 3 houses, basically with the hope that it will be your house for the next four years of college.

Day 6 (BID DAY):
Attire- sundress.
Mission- Sit on an envelope. Open it. Cry with joy or sadness. You are now in a sorority if you have made it this far. Congratulations! Run off to your new house with your new sisters to take millions of pictures in the million degree weather. Basically sweat and lose twenty five pounds. Then sisterly bonding (ie. restaurant, karaoke, delicious cakes, free tshirts!, dance parties, riding coach buses)
Conclusion- Rush is over!! You have fifty or so new sisters in your pledge class and hundreds of sisters nationwide.

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