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Let's Go to the Beach, Beach

Let's go get away. Which we did. Just last weekend. It was adventure day.

Kaity and I, (guys...Kaity is my one of my lovely San Francisco roommates, you'll be hearing a lot about her and Melinda. formal introductions soon), went to Mount Tam, hiked a bit, then we figured, "hey, why not drive-by Stinson Beach and scope it out." I'm a big fan of drive-bys. Not to take the spontaneous out of situations, but to prep camera and just artistic/creative ideas. Or maybe to amp up my own enthusiasm, too? Regardless, we got sucked into the best brunch ever–case in point: BBQ pulled pork eggs benedict–and then a barefoot stroll along Stinson Beach.

Oh I think it's safe to say that we are now fans of California/Stinson/Bay Area/etc. BIG. FANS.

Also, are you a beach or mountain person? Because apparently in California, you can be both!

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