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Birthday Celebration

They say it's your birthday...
It's my birthday too yeah!

Two weeks ago, I celebrated my golden birthday in the golden city. And that sentence alone comprises a perfect blog post. But there's so much more. I turned 23, and it was my first birthday outside of my sweet home state. Thus, I held September 23rd loosely in my hands. I was away from friends and family and fellow Texans, but still... I felt incredibly loved and cared for.

I attribute all birthday goodness to you guys, and to the community I have built for myself out here. Actually, more like the community that has been given to me. My day consisted of birthday candles and La Boulange, sweet roommate thoughtfulness and mimosas and my favorite Mexican shirt dress, a work desk overflowing with candy and endless party playlists, one long-long-long day at the office followed by a kids grilled cheese & french fries, and all topped off with champagne in my living-bed room with new friends and old (ahem, Beatles record).

But also, the whole day was peppered with messages and calls and voicemails and love notes.

All in all, 23 is pretty good.

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