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Mmm August. When the city was largely unknown, and life was transitional, and we made sweet Peach Raspberry Jam. It was still warm as we spread the jam over slices of bread, adding bites of cheese and occasionally licking our fingers. Sure, there were nearly twenty jars in the fridge waiting to "pop," but we chose to savor every oozing drop of the thick, homemade nectar.

I watched and photographed (trick work, I'll tell ya), as Laura and her coworker made Peach Raspberry Jam two separate ways. All I can tell you now... nearly two months later... one recipe called for lots of sugar, and the other recipe—not so much. Thus, you hardly need to guess which one I preferred.

So, what's the point of this post? Well... to reminisce. To remember sweet moments and fruit with cheese and bread. To encourage you to make your own jam. To make future plans to make my own jam. To honor jam.

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