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Taking Photos

When you take a documentary photography course with sixteen other photographers in a foreign place that attracts tourists, several things may transpire:
  1. You may begin to take photos of the aloof tourists as they never really notice you.
  2. You may begin to get annoyed when tourists ruin your photos.
  3. You may begin to chuckle when a pack of tourists stops to take photos of iconic landmarks or similarly pose for a photo.
This may even continue to the point where you lose your sensibility and begin to find humor in photos of tourists taking photos. I can call this a clever photo story (legit, huh) or I can honestly say that I do not know what to do with these photos of people-I-do-not-know taking photos. (Clearly I've lost my mind while editing.)

IMG_6759 IMG_6825 IMG_6849 IMG_7081 IMG_9253 IMG_2970 IMG_3007 IMG_4787 IMG_4657

If you liked this, trust me, there are more! Maybe I'll start a series.

Editor's note: This post originally quoted Nickelback's song "Photograph" and featured an embedded YouTube clip of the song. Both were removed. You are welcome.
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