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Roadtrip Europe: Vienna

On July 26th, my father Larry joined me in Prague for about 10 days of traveling. We rented a small, white manual Skoda car and armed with Fuhrlein Hilda, our Garmin GPS, we set out across Europe on a grand roadtrip. First stop: Vienna.

"OK , Vienna seems much more cultured than Prague. They have a huge mall type area that is like an outdoor Galleria. Also some of it is like the Westheimer/ Kirby development. Weather still cool but still suffering from time change. Lot of pretty people here. Toto knows her way around with public transportation so that makes it easy( I must be getting older as I just follow instead of lead)." -Larry

"OK, Prague is historic, old, religious and seems a little gloomy . Whereas Vienna is historic, old , religious and full of life. I think I am more Austrian than Czech. I also think I am part of the Habsburg's family. Don't know how, but can just feel it. The buildingz are magnificent, churches 10 times bigger than what we have in the US and so awesome. Weather is great so far and the only difficulty is the time change. Going to some palaces today (the Belvedere) and a couple of museums. Don't know where my daughter got interested in museums, etc....Oh yes, we are descendants of them Habsburg's..." -Larry

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