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Roadtrip Europe: Salzburg

After a few days in Vienna, my father and I drove across much of Austria to reach Salzburg. There's this movie, The Sound of Music, maybe you've heard of it, and it was filmed in the town of Salzburg. Staying near quaint old town, we walked amidst the sea of tourists. We climbed up a fortress overlooking the city, enjoyed the best slice of apple strudel...ever, watched two old men display their skill for strategy at a game of chess, discovered the childhood home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, strolled the Mirabell Gardens, and finally watched the Sound of the Music on my laptop. It was all quite ideal.

"Went to the top of Festung Hohensalzburg (Hohensalzburg Fortress) which was about a 500meter vertical climb. Beautiful up top and can see for miles. It's place is prettier than Vienna, but that's because it's in the mountains and not as big as Vienna. Like Vail but 10 x's better. Have walked/ hiked over 13 miles in 3 1/2 days so starting to get in shape." -Larry

"OK, Prague is a 7, Vienna a 9 and Salzburg a 10. Salzburg is like Vail, only 10 times bigger and no slopes. Times seems to fly by, or you just get tired of walking and looking. Not many Americans here. It really is beautiful. Also about 65 degrees during the day, so not ready to come back to the heat. For sure we will hike in the Austrian Alps tomorrow as that is on Victoria's bucket list. Driving through Austria is better than I imagined. Unfortunately , Texas is too hot and dry to look like this." -Larry

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