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The past two weeks have been about readjusting. Back to living in the states, living in Texas, living at home with my parents, living without a car, living apart from my friends and apart from Austin, living with humidity and scorching temperatures, living with freeways and the necessity of automobiles, living with constant cell service, living with Hulu and Amazon and Netflix. Also, no longer lugging my camera about each day, beginning a Spanish course online, being a visitor in my own Austin home, no longer working with a language barrier, readjusting to time.

I feel as though I am in an unusual spot. My parents would disagree. They seem happy to have me home, and have even placed subtle pressure about the immediacy of the future (ahem...Dad). But I am in an unusual spot. Most of my friends from Houston are elsewhere, and my friends from college are similarly elsewhere. Thus, I have no one to help me survive the doldrums of summer.

That leaves plenty of time to work on the Spanish 4 course, my IRB application for my thesis project, updating my portfolio, continuing to edit the mass of Europe photos, actually compose letters for those working summer camps, and even a return to the blog...this blog.

Speaking of this blog, it all actually started on a Tuesday, July 13th back in 2010. Well we made it three years! Moment of celebratory dancing about the room....

...okay back to business and self reflection and the game plan. Considering the absence of my friends this latter half of summer, maybe July will be about betterment.

Physically, spiritually, emotionally, aesthetically, etc. Let's turn it into a game of how much I can get accomplished each day. Throw in some adventures with good ol' Sherry and Larry. Why not. As I develop and embark on this plan, I'll post a few last updates from the Europe trip. It was fantastic by the way.

Cheers for now!

P.S. I think my internet was faster in Prague. :(
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