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I arrived to Prague yesterday around 6 pm after a 12 hour flight from Houston to Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany. Then 2-3 layover in Frankfurt, and finally a one hour flight hop to Prague. The travel was definitely adventurous. Our flight had an unexpected stop in Chicago as a man on the plane suffered chest pains and a possible heart attack (unconfirmed) during the flight. When we landed in Chicago, EMS sat waiting with lights a-flash near the runway. Flight attendants and EMS personnel helped the man exit the plane. Thankfully, a cardiologist was present on the plane to advise that the man seek immediate medical attention. Upon his evacuation, the plane sat on the tarmac for a second hour as it was refueled.

After a bout of turbulence and considerable tossing and turning, our flight landed in Frankfurt, Germany around 6 AM, central US time. We were groggy, my travel companion Caitlin and I. Plus, Frankfurt was cold, Frankfurt was grey, and Frankfurt was rainy. We got our passports stamped, and then proceeded to security. How tired was I? Well I left my phone in my jeans pocket as I walked through the body-scan-thing and as result, received a full body pat down. That tired. Silly Vic.

Caitlin and I trekked to our terminal where, surprise surprise, we found a fellow Maymester kid. Lana had slept through her earlier flight and thus, was bumped back to join us. Hooray! New friend! (It's two am here in Prague, so cut me some slack on language and colloquial phrases. Whatevs).

Skip a few hours and TA-DA! We made it to Prague. Caitlin was a zombie, I was a zombie, and Lana was luggage-less. We met up with our CET program coordinators, and then set off for our "hostel." Or so we thought. Caitlin did a wonderful job of lowering our expectations (myth: five beds in one room) as we discovered some pretty swanky apartment-style dwellings. Our home for the next month. Oh yeahh.

We barely began to settle in when a walking tour of Prague was announced! LET'S GO! Duh! Adventure is out there! We rode trams and subways. We crossed streets and bridges. Following Dennis, our expert leader and professor. All while Prague continued to greet up with grayness, bitter cold, and incessant rain drops. We love you too Prague. Welcome to the city.

Subway station that offers ordinary patrons a sense of zero-gravity through use of narrow, steep escalators and steep inclined walls. (That barely makes sense.)
This is Charles Bridge.
IMG_4931 IMG_4933
Rainy day, empty bridge.
Day 1: What is love? Pizza. Definitely brick oven pizza. Especially after 103947 hours of not eating.
This is otro amiga nueva Madison. We take flattering photos of one another.

Welcome to Prague. Stay tuned for lots of updates and lots of photos and lots of words and lots of ramblings and maybe some Czech words. Until tomorrow, Ahoj!

P.S. go ahead and bookmark this page, Haas in Praha, so that you can follow my class-related blog starting tomorrow!
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