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Hats Off

Just last weekend, nearly eight thousand students graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Class of 2013 made up the 130th Commencement from UT and the graduates "came from 66 countries, 48 states and 158 Texas counties, and each had a very different path that led him or her to the Forty Acres" (Jordan Schraeder, Alcalde).

A week or two prior, two of my dear friends and sorority sisters asked me to photograph them in their classic cap and gown. The "photoshoot" turned into a large adventure with multiple outfit changes in the back of my jeep, treks through corn/bamboo stalks and across streams, and a race against the heat and for favorable lighting.

IMG_3659 IMG_3558IMG_3486 IMG_3640IMG_3661 IMG_3596 IMG_3706 IMG_3807IMG_3799IMG_3815 IMG_3876 IMG_4021IMG_4040 IMG_3869IMG_3935 IMG_4044IMG_4053 IMG_3903 IMG_3995IMG_3906IMG_3894 IMG_3986 IMG_4125 IMG_3944 IMG_4163IMG_4147 IMG_4241IMG_4245IMG_4243 IMG_4271 IMG_4276IMG_4273 IMG_4220

Congratulations sweet Meredith and Karly on your recent graduation from the University of Texas at Austin! You each radiate such joy and your actions are full of great love.

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