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The original plan: maintain posts and coverage on this personal blog, including images that did not make it to the Maymester course blog, while the course blog would meet program requirements along the lines of one photo story (photo and 200-500 words) each day.

But as it happens, the rapid-quick Internet here at the Prague apartment does not do so well with uploading photos to my hosting site, Flickr. It can take over an hour to upload just five photos to the photo sharing page. Well I am crushed. Working on developing a solution to this problem. Trust me, I have not forsaken this blog. Haaston has a very special place in my heart. It's 3 years old after all, well almost.

On the bright side, I'm doing well here in Prague and despite the cold/rain/wet and extreme language barrier (oh how I miss Spanish), I really love this bright and historic city.

In the meantime, follow the other the blog at
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