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Nocturnalist: Prague Castle

For our Maymester blog we have several different categories that we must fulfill including:

  • morning glories: pictures during the A.M.
  • weekend miser: cheap weekend activities
  • location notations: sense of place
  • small wonder: details worth appreciating
  • not from these parts: visitors & tourists
  • noticed: visual appreciation
  • angels in the architecture: ten centuries of architecture
  • over here: things unique to Czech culture
  • a thousand words: duh.
  • the nocturnalist: night wanderings

  • Particularly the last category, the idea of a nocturnalist is pretty appealing. I think too often as a photographer, I limit myself to taking photos during the daytime and utilizing the natural sunlight. But, already during the first week of this trip, I have fallen in love with night photography, walking around the dark city, streets abandoned, the light glistens on the wet cobblestone streets, streetlamps provide ample lighting to a photo, and popular tourist destinations take on an entirely different appeal/significance. Here are some photos from Monday night...a nocturnalist visiting the Prague Castle and its surroundings.

    IMG_5211 IMG_5131 IMG_5251IMG_5252 IMG_5233

    Prague Castle

    IMG_5202 IMG_5203 IMG_5187 IMG_5191 IMG_5189IMG_5224IMG_5214 IMG_5230 IMG_5197

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