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Memorial Weekend & Southwells


I wish this was a Memorial Weekend post full of pictures of the star spangled banner, apple pie and other "Amurica" symbolism. Instead, I have collages of skittish cows and rusty farm equipment and seemingly beautiful flower-weeds. Here are photos from Memorial Weekend in Flatonia



Okay first a disclaimer: I'm not yet brave enough to say yes to mayo, pickles, tomatoes, onions, the lot. But I am taking baby steps...

My dear friend Lindsey "Fresh Natty" F. agreed to meet me for a late lunch today. Tomorrow, around 7 am, she heads out to Southwind, a YoungLife camp in Florida for a whole month during which she will be without cell phone, computer access, technology period. But she'll be working as a cook, creating scrumptious delectables. So who better to invite along as a food critic than a future chef ;)

Southwell's has four locations in Houston and its a favorite go-to lunch spot after church for the fam. We went to the location at 9410 Gaylord, near Memorial High School. The other locations are at 1909 Taylor St, 2252 W Holcombe Blvd, and 5860 San Felipe St.

This was Linds' first time, but I lured her with the promise of delicious waffle fries.

LINDSEY: I ordered the avocado burger with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. My initial reaction: the first bite tasted delicious, and the meat reminded me of Whataburger. Overall the burger was superb, and the avocado was a PERFECT addition. However, I realized that pickles and avocado do not make the best combination. I ended up eating the pickles separately and it made the burger so much better. Along with the delicious burger, I ordered the waffle fries. They were s0o0o0o good. Imagine curly fries in the form of a waffle...AKA scrumdiddlyumtious. For overall rating, I would give Southwells an 8. It had a nice atmosphere, great burgers, and I would definitely go back.

VICTORIA: I don't usually like cheese on my burger, but swiss caught my eye. Then I saw the word bacon and figured, Why not? I like bacon, everybody likes bacon. I even read in Time Magazine once that every winner in Top Chef (one of my fave show beeteedubs) history has won a quickfire or challenge by using bacon. This describes the love of bacon pretty well. SO I took a chance. I ordered a Bacon Swiss Cheeseburger. I have just one thing to say: YUM.
Who knew two different meats together could be so good?! Probably a guy. Not to be sexist but let's be real. When it comes to meal time, lots of guys have the sub-concious thought stream of: meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat meat. You get the point. But seriously, have I been living in a box?! Actually....don't answer that.
Lindz was spot on, the burgers were definitely reminiscent of Whataburger, but that was OKAY. My burger was comforting (believe it), featured burger juice, and was substantial. Overall, I would give Southwell's an 8. The waffles fries alone deserve a 10. And for all of you doubters out there, order bacon on your burger. It kind of changed my life (for at least two hours) :) YUM.
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