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I've been extremely unfair by not blogging the millions of photos I've taken over the past few weeks!! Sorry bout it. Anyways school is OVAH. Freshmen year is FINISHED! In summary, I learned A LOT about myself: about picking out great friends, about making decisions, and about what it means to be simply majoring in Plan II. Though....I don't think I could successfully explain that last one...

To summarize up the past few weeks:
MY FAVORITE FOOTWEAR EVER. mad props to Kaggerz for convincing me to finally upgrade
Chacos aka Jesus Sandals aka the sandal of choice for Young Lifers
it's May and Rio Grande Street is still under construction. Thanks for warning me about 7am jack hammers and classy yellow tractors before I signed up to live here Hardin
This is Holland. She is currently on a "study abroad cruise," whatever that means. I think she has just run off to become a pirate. This is what she looks like. If you encounter careful.
OH and here's a pirate joke....

What's a pirate's favorite letter???
Did you say...aRRRRR?
Well you'd think it's that, but really it's the C(sea)
Um....silly friends. Alex is currently in Paris, check out her blog Passport to Paris! and Allison is spending her summer learning to be a hipster in Austin.
Remember the pictures of the preggerz cows from a few posts back?!? WELL two of them have had BABIEZ! YAYAYAY :)

So yes, this has been a long overdue post by yours truly. Now since it is summer, I hope to be more frequent :) Therefore I am now creating summer goals off the top of my head:
1. Burger reviews of Houston :)
2. Adventures galore...especially at Museums
3. Colorful pictures from Guatemala
4. Photo a day for a month (inspired by Kathryn)
5. Pictures of STRANGERS!

Hopefully these summer-blog goals hold up better than my 2011 Resolutions. Stay tuned! PS YL Crooked Creek Work Week photos will be up this week!
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