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Beck's Prime

In August 2009, Texas Monthly magazine published a list of the 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas. I remember my mouth drooling as I read descriptions, and my eyes & stomach both growing large with desire as I stared at the pictures. Sadly, I cannot visit all of those burger joints because they are spread all across our great state. Also, one reader commented,
Really? Why don’t you just go ahead and call yourselves Dallas Monthly. The Houston Press’s Robb Walsh wrote it best, So Texas Monthly’s ideal Texas burger joint is a wine bar with lofty culinary standards that turns out a couple of burgers two days a week in an atmosphere reminiscent of ’a small European village.’"

Therefore! I have decided to review some of the burger joints here in Houston. I plan on visiting and dining at Beck's Prime, Bellaire Broiler Burger, Pappas Burgers, Hobbit Hole, Ruggles Cafe, Little Bigs, Sam's Deli Diner, Dry Creek Cafe, Goode Company Hamburgers, Southwell's, and Bubba's Texas Burger Shack. That's 11 locations. ADDITION: Recommended by Emma Jones, Lankford Market is now added to the list

For each visit, I will order a popular burger that is recommended by the cashier, or by a friend. Though I am a notorious picky eater, I will alter the burgers as little as possible. So bring on the cheese (ehh), pickles *gulp*, onions (bad breath), tomatoes *wince*, and avocado.

Beck's Prime

"In the midst of Kirby Drive’s franchise frenzy, what a pleasure to find real burgers cooked to order over mesquite coals."
Texas Monthly
"Chocolate malts as rich as an oil baron and as luscious as his trophy wife."
USA Today
California Burger
Swiss Cheese, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomato
Hickory Cheeseburger
Hickory Sauce, American Cheese

I feel like I have been eating burgers at Beck's Prime all my life. Each experience has never been a disappointment, but I have cheated myself each time. Yes I always cave in and order a milkshake, yes I also smother my french fries in ketchup, and sadly, yes, I always order the same burger. A hamburger with mustard and ketchup. Only.

For the sake of this blog, I decided to venture outside my comfort zone. I urged my brother to do so as well. I ordered the California burger and he ordered the Hickory Cheeseburger. I also ordered sweet potato fries. FTW.

When my burger arrived, I grew concerned. How was ketchup and mustard going to mix in with guacamole and swiss cheese? Erm....BUT as I took my first bite, I knew there was no turning back. The beautiful thing about Beck's burgers is that they are THE REAL DEAL. A burger should be a juicy, hot, melt-in-your-mouth experience. As I ate this burger, the juice of the patty dripped onto my fingers. I struggled to take larger and larger bites. Ultimate verdict: awesome burger.              9 / 10

My brother got the Hickory Cheeseburger. He typically is a ketchup only guy....but he claimed that Beck's Hickory sauce is....BETTER. He gave the burger a thumbs up and is a changed man--AKA no more boring burgers. Hunter has decided to venture on this burger adventure with me and together we will scour Houston for the best burgers EVER. :)

        Becks Prime Website
        My favorite location is the one located in Memorial Park
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